Trinidad & Tobago

Places To Visit in Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a dual-island Caribbean nation near Venezuela, with distinctive Creole traditions and cuisines. Trinidad’s capital, Port of Spain, hosts a boisterous carnival featuring calypso and soca music. Numerous bird species inhabit sanctuaries such as the Asa Wright Nature Centre. The smaller island of Tobago is known for its beaches and the Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve, which shelters hummingbirds. Popular Destinations are Port of Spain, Tobago Crown Point, Tobago, Maracas bay, Buccoo, ScarBorough, San Fernando & Parlatuvier

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Port Of Spain

Trinidad and tobago tour packagesTrinidad & Tobago’s capital Port of Spain enjoys a superb natural setting at the point where the mountains dip into the Gulf of Paria. Sights include the "Magnificent Seven," a group of fanciful mansions on Queen’s Park Savannah, the more modestly-sized "gingerbread houses," with their intricate woodwork, and the tropical paradise of the Botanical Gardens.This is also the setting for Trinidad’s world-famous Carnival, with bars and clubs jumping year-round to soca, which, like calypso, was born here.


Trinidad and tobago tour packagesTobago is the smaller of the 2 Caribbean islands comprising the nation of Trinidad and Tobago. It’s known for its wide, sandy beaches and biodiverse tropical rainforest. Framed by mountains, the village-like port capital, Scarborough, is anchored by its central food market. Overlooking the city are the 18th-century ruins of Fort King George, now housing the Tobago Museum and its local art and artifacts.

The Tobago Main Ridge Forest Reserve comprises most of the island’s interior, sheltering endemic wildlife like rare hummingbirds. On the western coast is Pigeon Point, known for its long stretch of beach and thatched-roof pier. Popular scuba-diving sites include Buccoo Reef, with sea gardens teeming with coral and marine life, and M.V. Maverick, a sunken car ferry-turned-artificial reef. On the eastern end of the island are the fishing village of Charlotteville, the triple-tiered Argyle Waterfalls and a bird sanctuary on the uninhabited offshore island of Little Tobago.

Tobago Crown Point

Trinidad and tobago tour packagesCrown Point is Tobago’s tourist hub and about as active as this easy-going island gets.The main draw in Crown Point is the outstanding beaches. There’s something for everyone, from the kid-friendly shallows of Kilgwyn Bay to the challenging currents of Sandy Point. Fresh seafood treats await at busy Store Bay, while few would dispute that Pigeon Point Beach, with its picturesque jetty, is the jewel in Crown Point

Maracas Bay

Trinidad and tobago tour packagesMaracas Bay lies at the end of a scenic mountain drive from Port of Spain. As you descend to the coast you get glimpses of a perfect natural bay fringed with dazzling white sands and swaying palms, all of which readily indicate why this is Trinidad's most popular beach.The hypnotic roll tumbling of blue-green waves make this a great place for paddling, but if you insist on more strenuous activity there is surfing, diving and walking trails in the surrounding rainforest. The area is known particularly as the home of 'Bake and Shark' (battered shark in fried bread). "Richard’s" is the original and most famous of the vendors, but numerous huts along the beach sell this unique local delicacy.

Buccoo Reef

Trinidad and tobago tour packagesThe coral reefs of Tobago, so crucial to the island’s economy and the biodiversity of the region, are under threat. But sensitive tourism needn’t harm the environment as the island’s largest such site, Buccoo Reef, demonstrates. It is one of the most spectacular reefs in the world, now under protection as a marine park, and is a magnet for scuba diving, snorkeling and sustainable fishing. Tours in a glass-bottomed boat ensure that even the less active will be able to marvel at this undersea wonderland of colorful coral and tropical fish. The warm, shallow waters of the natural “Nylon Pool”, named by Princess Margaret for its translucent waters, make for one of the great swimming spots of the Caribbean.


Trinidad and tobago tour packagesScarborough is the largest city in the Island of Tobago and the fifth-most-populous in Trinidad and Tobago . In Western Tobago, at the confluence of the Atlantic Ocean, Scarborough is the economic and cultural center of the region of Tobago. The estimated population in 2011 was 25, 530. The City Skyline is dominated by Fort King George, an 18th-century fortification named after King George III which now hosts a historic/archaeologic museum. Scarborough's deepwater harbour was built in 1991; before that ships were forced to anchor offshore

San Fernando

Trinidad and tobago tour packagesThe city of San Fernando is the industrial capital, and the center of Trinidad’s significant oil and gas industries.  Even though San Fernando is primarily an industrial area, there are still many good reasons to visit.  The Harris Promenade, at the city center, is an urban green space where you can find open air concerts. During the pre-colonial era, the natives called this area Anaparima, which means “one hill” and that single hill remains as San Fernando Hill, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the city. Just south of San Fernando, you’ll find one of the island’s most popular attractions, Pitch Lake, the world’s largest naturally occurring tar pit, similar to the La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. You can walk on the semi-solid surface of the lake to explore the unique environment. To the east of San Fernando, you can find the strange mud volcanoes of The Devil’s Woodyard

Parlatuvier Bay

Trinidad and tobago tour packagesParlatuvier Bay, located at the North Western end of Tobago, is another gem on the island. Its value, perhaps, is in the beach’s golden sand but the overall landscape is what really makes the beach a beauty to behold. About 50 minutes drive from Scarborough, Parlatuvier Bay is a tranquil beach about 500 metres long. It is partly sheltered, so the water is quite calm with small lapping waves. However, the waves can be strong at times. Entering Parlatuvier Bay, the river meets the sea and visitors usually express pleasure bathing at the river mouth. Fishing is also part of the village livelihood so small fishing boats line the shore. The beach also has a jetty about 200 meters long. The beach is surrounded by the village with rugged rocks closing it in from the sea. The natural enclosure makes the beach ideal for swimming and snorkeling, but caution must be taken since the beach is tucked away and there is no lifeguard here. The water gets deep quickly and there is excellent jumping and diving from the jetty.The blue-green waters of this picturesque destination are inviting for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving.